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    A few games in the golden piano string


    Sep 23, 2022
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      Chinese name: Golden strings
      English name: Corda
      Alias: Gold n Publishing time: 2003
      production and distribution: KOEI area: Japan
      [Game type] Love AVG
      [Operating System] WindowsXP/2000
      [Recommended configuration] CPU: Pentiumii 400MHz Memory: 64MB Disate: 16MB above hard disk: 1.7GB or more
      [CAST] The Tanishan Jina Komato Fukuyama Rinsen Tiankawa Okikawa Ishikawa Kagoshiko Koshiko
      Chinese name: Golden の コ コ コ コ コ 2 f / golden strings 2F
      English name: Kiniro no corda 2 forTe
      game platform: PSP
      game type: game type: Avg adventure game
      Resource format: CD -ROM image
      version: Japanese version
      release time: February 26, 2009

      game name: Golden Strings 2F: Anke/ Golden String 2F: Anke
      Japanese Name: Gold n English name: Kiniro No Corda 2F Encore (Premium Box / Treasure Box)
      Production manufacturer: Koei Co, LTD.
      proxy: koei co, ltd. n game type: AVG - Adventage Game n Sales date: August 20, 2009 (Muyu Day/Thursday)
      Reference price: Usually 5,040 yen
      Reference price: Limited version 7,644 yen
      Reference price: Limited BOX Edition 13,440 yen
      A official website: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/psp/corda2/encore/

      Name: Golden Qinxian ~ Love Song Rhyme ~
      English Name: La Corda Doro ~ The rhyme of a love song ~
      Alias: rls
      release time: August 17, 2007
      production and distribution: RLS production committee area: Mainland

      The game of golden strings. You can search for "golden strings" on VeryCD.

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