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    Finding a mini -game, the style of painting is very early. The combat method is card skills and can bring many younger brothers to drag the old team behind the old. Who knows


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Finding a mini -game, the style of painting is very early. The combat method is card skills and can bring many younger brothers to drag the old team behind the old. Who knows”
    1. Card mobile games are always no shortage of audiences. Nowadays, some of the major games have added some card elements. For example ) Bring some different welfare card mobile games recommendation.
      1. Yin Yang division: Baiwenpai web link
      Nease without routing monster card against the mobile game "Yin Yang Shi: Baiwen Card". More than a hundred top painters, with the exquisite cards drawn by ingeniously, interpret the familiar classic characters in "Yin Yang Shi". In the secret realm of the Three Realms, he transformed into a demon and traveled with Bai Gui to start a confrontation with a new original rules. Rich strategies, fair battles, exquisite and wind, this is the new CCG experience you have never seen before.

      2. Rise: The Ultimate King (Sending the God of Medicine) Web Link
      "Rise: Ultimate King" is a 3D instant action card mobile game masterpiece, exquisite picture, high restoration Scenes, 3D modeling, let you feel the real Three Kingdoms in the realm! 3D instant action card, coquettish position, skills interruption, wind and thunder and fire combination skills, gorgeous special effects, big moves spike, super strong blow pleasure, challenge the limit of the limit, challenge the limit of the limit Operation; creation of the entire camp of generals, the generals of the generals of the generals of the generals of the generals of the generals (without abandoned); enriching daily gameplay, a variety of daily competitive challenges, intense stimuli (boss battle), quickly developing characters (passing the level), full service service, full service service, full service service The melee PK (king's battle) and the king city compete for the defeated king (camp battle), download the ultimate king of the rise to let you experience different fresh gameplay, it is not boring!

      3. Wolong Three Kingdoms (SSS Lu Bu) Web link to the opening of the full VIP and receive 10,000 yuan recharge card.
      This breakthrough game imprisonment, micro -operation battle, free positioning, interrupting skills, to determine the victory! Ding Jiangshan with force! The two -month -old card and a permanent card are must -have. Other gift packages depend on the demand. S heroes raised Joe, A Huang Zhong, A -level is the name of pig feet, SS is worth training Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu, Sun Ce, Cai Wenji, Cai Wenji, Guo Jia and others are all possible. The strongest SSS is Lu Xun's strongest hero Yyds. Grab resources half a month in the early stage, and then develop slowly.

      4. Zhenhun Street: Wushen's body (GM technology brush) web link
      The start and main line, after receiving the corner gift package, charging 100 with the gift, get the SP Cao Yan Soldier, then push the level, then the quota obtained by the push and the three -gear unlimited resource, and then get the resources, then push the corporation to activate the fund, and then Lingyu takes the lottery. The gold tower must be pushed. You can also get the soul coupon, which can be used to fill the soul jade. It is mainly based on raising the UR card. If the little R player can raise the SP card, if you think you can raise it, you can raise it. Purely coming out of the liver. rn5.西游伏魔记网页链接rn《西游伏魔记》定位于玄幻题材的概念范畴,借此讲述神秘少年为了解开自己的身世之谜,一路历尽凶险,招募武将、 The story of saving all beings in the Three Realms. It is a turn -based card -type card game.
      The Buddhist lineup recommendation: Do not move the King of Ming Dynasty, Sati ancestor, Jigong, Puxian Bodhisattva, Happy Luohan, Tibetan Bodhisattva
      Demon lineup Recommendation: Yangli Daxian, Black Bear Essence, Princess Iron Fan, Princess Iron Fan, Sun Wukong, Ventilation Dasheng, Red Children
      The compound of Mingfu: judge, inspiration king, black and white impermanence, Yan Luo king and white lady, yellow wind monster
      Xianfu lineup recommendation: six -arm Nezha, Zhenyuan Daxian, fire, fire Lady Lady, Master Yan, the Third Prince of the Dragon King

      The authentic authorization of blood is re -ignited, spanning the three major platforms of novels, animations, and comics.

      7. Cangzhi Era (free 100,000 charging) Webpage link "Cangzhi Era" is an exquisite style of Japanese painting, real -time fighting, hero development, and various social leisure gameplay. Mobile games.
      It the sky, the direction of the heart. "Cangzhi Era" is a mobile game integrating Japanese exquisite style, real -time fighting, hero development, and various social leisure gameplay. Hundreds of heroes gather arbitrary matching, strategic combinations are pushed, and many people are not asynchronous interaction, free exploration and other ways to play for you to experience! Immediately turn into a member of the adventurer team, and explore the unknown Orola continent with many heroes!

      8. Ultra -dimensional Awakening (Wan Pan Duke Play Edition) Web Links
      "Ultra -Dimension Awakening (Wan Ting Shuang Play Edition)" annual giant, break the dimension wall, gather all heroes, Create your own chaos universe! In the game, there are hero training, equipment training, talent, beasts, etc., as well as social gameplay such as arena, community war, world BOSS, and team warfare. There are also many classic heroes for you to choose! Value -value benefits will be enjoyed for life, and 0 氪 can also break the sky!

      9. Bai Shi Wenhua Record (High Reward Bailipa) Web Link
      "Best Hylotic Record" a carefully polished Chinese historical national treasure anthropomorphic card development mobile game. Guo Yun Card's innovation breakthroughs, the cultural relics treasures of 5,000 years gathered here, incarnation! Carefully create a characteristic gameplay "Silk Road", and the change of strategy lineups challenge multiple copies. Historical relics are transformed into Wanling, and hundreds of device spirits are called to collect. Each cultural relic has its own story. The museum cultural relics will take you to understand the past of the cultural relics while the game is connected for thousands of years.

      The above is the card welfare mobile game brought by Fenglin Mobile Games (14294). If you are interested, you will collect card battles.

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