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    How to play bullfighting how to play bullfighting


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. Basic rules: First of all, in the bullfighting game, the game needs 52 cards, a complete poker card, which needs to remove the big and small king. Then each player will send 5 cards each. Two groups, to play comparisons, players with big names can win the game.

      2. Palental scores: In the bullfighting game, the points of 1 to 10 are all the size of the card, and the points represented by jqk are all 10, A can represent 1 point 1 point. Or at 11 o'clock, players can decide according to their needs.

      3, brand size: Ten small> Five flowers> Sihua> Niu Niu> There are points> Fen.

      4, score comparison: Niu 9> Niu 8> Niu 6> Niu 5> Niu 4> Niu 3> Niu 2> Niu 1.

      5. System rules: Players need to select 3 cards from 5 card cards to form a card type with a number of more than 10 or 10. The next two cards automatically become a group. If the sum of these two cards is not 10, then the number of points of the two cards of these two cards is the number of bulls of this card.

      6. Niu Niu card: In the game of Dou Shengsheng, if the player's arbitrarily three e -cards are added to an integer multiple of 10, the sum of the other two cards is also an integer of 10 as an integer Double, then this card is the so -called cattle card.

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