• Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

    Is Tencent Happy Bulls gone?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “Is Tencent Happy Bulls gone?”
    1. Because Tencent Happy Bullona is a game of games. If it is formula, what kind of game hall is like a bullfighting that will not be blocked. The entire game hall such as QQ games. The net network activity has blocked all the games with bloody violence. At the same time, the severe game is also blocked by the entire game. This road does not pass away, there will be no grandfather here, there is a place to stay.
      Tencent happy bullfighting has always been loved by brand friends, because such gameplay gameplay is simple and exciting. In fact, there are some small formulas and knocks on the door when playing bullfighting. I do n’t know the player Did you find it?
      Although there are a large number of players with happy bullfighting, and they are more popular with chess and card gamers, Tencent's happy bullfighting is indeed offline. The overall gameplay is very simple. Each player has a total of 5 cards. As long as the sum of any 3 cards is 20 or 30, there is a cow, and then the remaining two cards are added to the number of cows. The two cards are 8 and 9 for Niu 7.
      The introduction of how to play bullfighting and the rule of bullfighting rules here is all over. From the introduction, you can see that the rules of the game of bullfighting games are still very simple. Players only need to master the matching of bullfighting games. Rules, you can easily get started with the game and experience the happiness of bullfighting games.

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