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    Online industrial and commercial registration: What conditions do you need to register a game operation company


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Online industrial and commercial registration: What conditions do you need to register a game operation company”
    1. Nowadays, games are increasingly loved by people. Playing games on the cars, on the road, and free time is the best choice for many people to pass the time. So how about opening a game company? What are the conditions? Let's take a look with the Mande company service!
      . Company registration
      This generally finds an agent company. Requires 10 million;
      3. When registering, remember to copy a copy of the real estate certificate with the agent to register the address.
      It applying for a network cultural operation license
      The company registration is completed, and after the game platform (web game, client game, mobile game, chess and card game, etc.) The pre -approval application, that is, "applying for a network cultural management license" is the "text network" referred to by the industry.
      "Wenwangwen" requires the review of the game operated by the website and whether the website meets national regulations. After passing the review, the Ministry of Culture will be uniformly issued by the Ministry of Culture. The local cultural supervisor unit that the acceptance department is, namely: the Provincial Department of Cultural Department/Cultural Bureau, etc.;
      The official acceptance time: 20 working days after acceptance.
      The validity period for network cultural business license is three years, and it needs to be renewed in advance.
      3. Applying for value -added telecommunications business business licenses
      Is "text network text", and also need to apply for "second type of value -added telecommunications business business license" "Also known as" Internet information service business business license ", it can be seen that if you operate games on the Internet, you must apply for this certificate. Other "paid websites" also need to apply for this certificate.
      , like "Wenwangwen", the "ICP certificate" also needs to review the website. The acceptance department is the "Communication Authority" of its belonging. Because in July 2012, the national policy is modified. Online applications (except for individual places), now use the management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the application conditions have been added a lot. The precautions are as follows:
      1. Employees need social security proof; This also requires server suppliers to have a record in the local channel.
      official prescribed acceptance time: 60 working days after acceptance.
      The value -added telecommunications business license is valid for five years. The annual inspection is required at the beginning of each year, and the expiration should be renewed in advance.
      The qualifications above are complete, that is, you can operate the game. So what are the requirements for a game?
      . Fourth, application software copyright
      The first game is developed, and the first one to apply is "software copyright". This is the software for your own software. protection of. Whether it is code or design, it is your own to truly protect your software. To avoid describing, introduce the following two points (comparison with the version number below):
      1. Software copyrights can be replaced, which means that others are called XX, you can also call XX. The code and design are not names, so when there is disputes between companies, you will check the content of software copyrights. If the content is the same, then whoever applies first will protect who's software copyright.
      2. Software copyright names can contain letters.
      Fifth, the application game version number
      game version number, also known as "General Administration File". The approval department is "Press and Publication Administration". Publishing permits, and professional editor -in -chief reviews the game, and then submitted to the General Administration for review through the Publishing Bureau.
      The games without the "game version number" (that is, not filed at the General Administration of Press and Publication), it is not possible to go online, and the length of the application version number is different, and some time will be long, so it must be necessary Prepare in advance and apply for the game version number to avoid delaying operations, which leads to economic losses.
      If attention:
      1. The game version number cannot be re -named. If the name of the game you applied has been used, then you have to replace the copyright name;
      2. Including English letters;
      3. The application version must provide an ICP certificate for the operating company.
      Is to apply for game filing
      What is the game filing? Do not mix it with the version number, because the approval department of the game filing is the "Ministry of Culture", so everyone is often called the "Ministry of Culture's game filing filing "". This filing stipulates that "domestic games will be reported to the Ministry of Culture for the Cultural Ministry of Culture within 30 days from the date of operation."
      Is when applying for the record of the game, we must provide the textual network of the operating company.
      The game review is becoming more and more stringent. Do not expose the characters in the game. Do not use the words too violently. There are also "PK systems", "marriage and love system", etc., which must be strictly controlled.
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