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    Poker's fast gameplay skills


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Do you know what is three dozen and one? Three dozen one is a common poker card gameplay. So do you know what the rules and skills of the three dozen one? The following is the gameplay skills that I helped you sort out quickly. For reference only, let's take a look.
      [Poker to run fast]
      The fast running is a chess and card game played by 4 people. It is mainly popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and the university campus is also popular. When running a pair of cards, it is also called "closing cards". This kind of game is very popular now. People can play games in addition to leisure. Whether they are in a good mood or difference, they can be cured through the game, so that people's feelings are better. Playing this game requires skills to gradually master the game.
      Generally, it is a game that four people play together. In order to play the game, only 3 people can also play games.

      The game purposes
      each player must try to play the card in his hand as soon as possible. Whoever finisates all the cards first is the victory.
      The number of cards
      The game uses all 108 cards, each player 27 cards.
      Baship Basically simple gameplay
      card card
      hair cards, the first game of the game is sent by the first player, and the game of each game will be sent by the game in the future;
      The game of each game from the player who first got the spiny 3 first played the card. He can play a card or a few cards, as long as it is the correct card;
      games Those who take turns to play in turn, and the latter cards must be larger than the cards played by the previous family. If there is no abstainable (PASS);
      It if other gamers are pass, the last party can produce a new card to make a new card. Type;
      Repeat 3-4 until the card in the hands of a player is completed.
      of the size of the card
      The card points of the game are arranged from large to small: King, Xiao Wang, 2, A, K, Q, J, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4 , 3;
      It single, pair, three same Zhang, company -pair, company three, Shunzi, same flower Shun and other cards, directly determine the size according to the card point, but the number of cards must be the same; r must be the same; r must be the same;
      The bombs, if the number of cards is the same, the size of the number of points is determined, otherwise the larger the number of cards, the larger the number of cards; n single card
      can be any card in your hand;
      two cards with the same dots, the color of the two cards can be different;
      n two pairs of cards connected by two or more, such as: 33 44, 99 88.
      three of the same card
      three cards with the same points, the color of the three cards can be different; the three cards of the three cards, two or more three or more connected cards, such as: 333 444,, the 999 888; each three -in -one can bring a single or pair, such as: 5554,555666344.

      The cards with five or more cards are continuous, and the color is unlimited. For example: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, etc. rn   同花顺rn   花色相同的顺子牌; rn   炸弹rn   四张或四张以上牌点相同的牌,如:4444,77777,JJJJJJJ,44445555;炸弹带牌It is necessary to agreed in advance (the default irregularity), the bomb can bring two or two double cards. When the bomb is pressed, the number of cards must be consistent.
      [The technique of running fast to play cards]
      everyone needed friends to play cards first when playing cards. Do not think that this card is very good, but I can't bear it, so I stay at the end, but I found that I found that I found that We lost the opportunity, and the best card was blinded by us. When you should take the shot, do not hesitate. And try to finish all the cards in your hands, because when playing games, you have to remember the scores. Whoever has more cards in your hand will lose more. When we are playing games, we must remember to run the biggest is 2, and if you get four Shunzi, you can get a card, don't miss the opportunity.

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