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    What are the rules of smashing the golden flower game?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The number of players is 2-6. The next family of the dealer started bets first, and other players operated counterclockwise in turn. When the player's turn is turn, the player can perform addition, heel, see cards, give up, and compare cards according to the conditions and judgment situation.

      1. Players who do not choose "abandon". When it is my turn, you can choose to see your own card. You can choose whether to follow, add, or compare the cards after looking at the cards. At this time, your card is the Ming card, and the follow -up and plus is also according to the rules and plus of the card; of course, you can also operate darkly.
      2. Players who give up in the game have no right to check their cards and other players before ending the game.
      3, after the game, the cards of all players will be made public!
      Extension information:
      . Comparison cards in the game
      1. Starting from the second round, players can choose "comparison cards" before betting.
      2, compare the cards of both sides, all players cannot see the cards of the two.
      3, the card type point is the same as the match.
      4. Every time you note or add, the single bet must not exceed the "follow-up" and "addition" upper limit of the individual bureau-that is, the maximum chips in the game room, which is the top note.
      5. When selecting "Injecting", the top of the injection box will display the additional number of injection.
      . The judgment of the victory and losses

      1, Leopard> Shun Jin> Jinhua> Shunzi> Bai Zi> Single.
      2. When the leopard exists, "different color color 235"> "Leopard".
      3, akq> kqj> ... 234> A23. Single size: A> K> Q ... ..> 2.
      4, the situation of the child, compare first, then compare the order.
      5, when it is a single, the largest single starts in order.
      6, larger than the brand, etc., first open.

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