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    What do you say in English?


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    1. The walking body is a metaphor for the only person's shape, and it does not have the most basic feeling of humans. So do you know what to say in English? Let me learn about English knowledge about walking dead.

      The English saying The Walking DEAD
      a dead-alson
      The phrase walking forum The Walking Dead BBS
      n Walking dead meat download The Walking DEAD
      The walking body 4 The Walking Dead
      This walking
      English example sentences of walking corpses 1. I dignt want to do anything, i just sat at home and vegetated. I Became a Total Zombie.
      I don't want to do anything, I just sit at home and live a boring life. I completely became a walking dead.
      2. Sam Hawthorne Had the of a Walking ghost.
      The appearance of Sam Hoshn. .
      The work is too much. Today I can't think about it, like walking dead.
      4., you feel like you, wandering through live with public. Loss of life goals.
      5. He Buried Deep within a carcass searching for a soul.
      Die Before You Are DEAD.
      Is to live well during survival, don't be like a walking dead before death.
      7. If I keep watching so much tv, Ill Turn into a zombie.
      If I am Continue to watch so many TV shows, I will become a walking dead.
      8., you feel like you wanting through life with public. 9. A Ghost A Body in Search of a Soul?
      A ghost? Or is it looking for a soul.
      This he lives like a walking dead, passing and passing.
      11. They Forget How to Smile and Finally Become Physi Cal and Mental Wrecks.
      This they forgot how to laugh, and in the end, they become the body of the walking dead.
      12., you feel like youde wandering through withpose.
      Finally, you feel like you are like Walking dead, losing the target.
      13., you feel like are wandering through live with purpose.
      Finally, you feel like you have no goals like walking. .
      It like a walking dead.
      15. I am now tired look like a good -for -nothing.
      I am tired like a walking dead. 《行尸走肉》给活人的启示The Walking Dead comic book its 10th at the nerd Mecca known as San Diego Comic Con 2013. Its birthday party here featured the cast of the show based on the long-running series as well as other Hollywood . Robert Kirkman has been popular with this comic book crowd for a long time, but thanks to the acclaimed and ratings champion AMC program and award-winning video games from Telltale Studios, The Walking Dead has become a .rn   最近,《行尸走肉(The Walking Dead) comics in the 2013 San Diego Comic Con 2013, which can be called the Holy Land of House Culture ( ) The 10th anniversary was celebrated. The birthday banquet played a TV series adapted from this series of comics, and many Hollywood stars joined. Robert Cockman has long been supported by this comic book fans. Due to AMC TV's high -end viewing champion drama and the winning video game produced by Telltale Studios, "The Walking Dead" has become a mainstream phenomenon. rn   Kirkman, 34, has moved from Richmond, Kentucky to Los Angeles. But by all , he remains a humble, down-to-earth guy. A founding partner of Image Comics, in 2010 he launched his own imprint, Skybound . A procer on The Walking Dead TV series, Kirkman has a second comic-based TV series with AMC in , Thief of Thieves. The mogul, who owns the rights to all of his creations, explains what digital is opening up for the comic book Instry and discusses the secret to wearing multiple Hats in the Business in this exclusive interview. n34 -year -old Kirkman has now moved from Richmond, Kentucky to Los Angeles. From the outside, his humility and pragmatic still have not changed. He is now the founding partner of Image Comics, and in 2010 he also created his own publishing company Skybound. As a producer of the "Walking Dead" TV series, Cocker is cooperating with AMC to develop the second TV series "Thief of Thiefs" adapted from comics. The multimedia tycoon has the copyright of all the comics created by himself. Recently, Kirkman accepted our exclusive interview, explained the opportunities brought by digital technology to the comic industry, and discussed the secrets of cross -border development in the entertainment industry.
      what are the in creation something new that will catch on in the comic book instry?
      What challenges will the popular new comics now encounter?
      , this are going away and at a fairly quick pace. , it's been very difficult for people to try new things, but the comic medium has awoken recently to just how exciting new ideas and new concepts are. I am seeing across the board new comics, new concepts being supported by the in droves, pretty much at equal levels with long-running Marvel and DC titles. That's a really cool thing and I hope it keeps up. Ten years ago it was very difficult to get people to read something like The Walking Dead, a black-and -White Horror Comic, by the Super Heroes of the Instry, But Things Are Changing.
      Fortunately those challenges are disappearing at a fairly fast speed. It is not easy for people to try new things, but the comic world has recently realized how exciting the new ideas and new ideas are. I see a variety of new comics and new concepts have received a lot of readers. Compared with Marvel and DC's long -term serial comics, it is not too much. This phenomenon is very good, I hope to continue. Ten years ago, it was difficult to make people watch comics such as "Walking Dead". This kind of black and white horror comics are besieged by superheroes in the comic industry. Fortunately, the situation is changing.
      what impact is digital having on the comic instry?
      What does digital technology affect the comic industry?
      it's having a huge impact. It makes the book available to makes it really has replaced the newsstand model of the 1960s, '70s and '80s, where kids could go into a grocery store with their mom, see comics and pick them up. Now they can be playing a game on their iPad and then pop over And Buy A Comic and It's Always there there. Digital is growing our in really greating ways and is leading to an influx of new readers.
      has a great impact. Digital technology has changed its acquisition, shortening the distance between the comics and the public, replacing the newspaper stall mode of the 1960s, 70s, and 1980s. At that time, the children walked into the grocery store with their mothers to read and select comic books. Today, they can play games on iPad, read and buy comics, and they are always in that place. Digital technology has greatly increased the number of readers, bringing a large number of new readers.
      what Surprise You Working On with AMC and the Walking DEAD?
      What is the thing you surprised you in the process of making "Walking Dead" TV series with AMC?
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