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    Why do some websites need an invitation code?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Hello, the following is my answer
      Welcome to your admission and questioning
      This of the health principle of traditional Chinese medicine health
      Winter collection, which is both natural plants and animals The rule of growth is also a principle of health in human health, and also reflects the principle of "corresponding to heaven and man". The so -called "winter collection" means that when people reach the winter, they should raise precision and rest, so as to benefit the benefits and harvests of Chunsheng, summer, and autumn harvests.

      The tonic: The folk has the custom of "in winter". In short, in winter, health care should be used to write an article around "Tibetan Lean Qi", and use less clear drugs. Of course, for some people who are "warm -up", they must not be stubbornly "hidden in winter". This is the principle of treatment and health care for traditional Chinese medicine.

      The warmth: Pay attention to keeping warm, also an important part of "winter collection", especially for old and weak and disabled. Entering winter, there is a warm winter with high indoor and outdoor temperatures, and there will also be cold weather that falls sharply due to the south of the cold flow south. This sharp decline in the weather is likely to cause people to suffer from cold, cold, rheumatic bone pain, and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, we should pay attention to adding clothes with climate change.

      Sleep: In order to adapt to "winter collection", sleep time should be appropriately increased. In winter, you should advocate early sleep and sleep appropriately to achieve the purpose of nourishing and stubbornness. Of course, with 8 hours of sleep at night, a nap can be appropriately reduced.

      The exercise: How to exercise in winter, how to reflect "winter collection"? One is not to advocate too much in the morning, and the other is that you cannot exercise "sweaty back" to avoid injuries. At the same time, avoid cold and cold due to sweating cold. The best activity is to walk and play Tai Chi. Especially older people, do not take the cold and do some super -physical exercise.

      The disease prevention: cold, bronchitis, and cardiovascular disease are common diseases in winter. For the prevention and treatment of colds, one is to prevent cold and prevent cold, and the other is to use the type of ginseng to help righteousness to help the cold to prevent colds. For those who have accumulated fire, they should use heat -clearing drugs to clear the fire in time. For those who have a cold and cold, you can use ginger tea soup to perform health care.

    2. Invitation code: A special pass that requires when registering forum

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    3. It is recommended that you do n’t go to such a place. Is n’t many chess and card clubs be checked now? Do n’t you say whether it is a black platform. If you are unfortunate
      , will your funds be gone? Nowadays, there are more and more mobile phone users. In terms of entertainment, there are more selectivity. Some
      game promotion looks good on the surface, but it is nothing more than an attractive means. Without a powerful
      certificate. Don't say where you play, in short, you should persuade you to gamble less. I think someone is asking what the address is. In fact, if you are
      The deceive, you must pay attention to the official institution. You ca n’t just look at it. Our platform has been operating for 10 years. n, please remember the above address, I hope to help you

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